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        聯系我們 CONTACT




        天津景信科技發展有限公司創立于2002年,注冊資金2000萬,是一家專業從事顯示類設備生產、研發、營銷和服務的高新技術企業。以智能自助服務系統、液晶拼接屏、液晶廣告機、觸摸一體機、觸摸屏一體機、觸控一體機、液晶廣告機,LED顯示屏等為核心產品。本公司在顯示類設備領域鉆研近10年,擁有先進的技術、高素質的團隊、以及顯示設備配套系統方案設計、產品研發、生 產、銷售、工程實施、售后服務于一體的全方位服務體系,能為客戶對顯示類設備的需求提供全面解決方案。


        我們時刻秉承‘為客戶創造價值,為員工創造機會,為社會創造效益’的經營理念并將其全面融入到企業的內部管理、生產以及技術服務等生產經營活動當中;與此 同時,我們一直堅持以客戶為中心、以滿足客戶需求為方向、以向客戶提供高質量的產品和服務為目標,在互信雙贏的基礎上與客戶建立長期積極穩定的合作關系。



        Tianjin Jingsee technology development Co., LTD was founded in 2002 with a registered capital of 20 million, it is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in the production of display devices, including researching and development, marketing and services. Our core products contend intelligent self-service system, mosaic displays, advertising player, touch products and so on. The company is committed to study the display devices for 10 years, which had established a relatively complete set of products and services, with advanced technology, high-quality team, which With advanced technology, high quality team, and display the equipment supporting scheme design, product research and development, production, sales, engineering implementation, after-sales service in an all-round service system, to provide comprehensive solutions for customers to show the type of equipment needs.

        Companies With strong R & D, large-scale production of a sound marketing network and quality service, and the Tianjin government agencies, cultural and educational and health institutions, broadcasting, transport, catering, conferences and large-scale industrial and mining enterprises have long-term and in-depth cooperation, It enjoys a high reputation in the  industry.

        We are always adhering to the business philosophy of 'creating value for customers, creating opportunities for staff, creating benefits for society' and it is full integration into to the internal management of enterprises, production and technical services throughout the production and business activities, at the same time , we have been adhering to the customer as core ,to meet customer's demand as the direction, to provide customers with quality products and services as the goal, to create positive long-term stable cooperative relations with customers on the basis of mutual trust and win-win.

        Honesty is our responsibility, innovation is our obligation, profession is our advantage, and all employees of the Jingsee Technology hearted look forward to your joining and participation, in order to your satisfaction, we will do better. 

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